Sarah Watts went to Ringling College of Art and Design where she learned how to draw better by many great instructors.  She met amazing colleagues there and had a great time, graduating with honors.  She then worked at Carter's for two years, cranking out hundreds of children's images and patterns for baby clothes, and then worked at International Greetings for a year cranking out hundreds of images and patterns for stationery, gift bags and other giftables.  Seriously, hundreds, and this is how she learned how to be a digital art ninja.  She then quit the corporate realm where she learned so much and pursued her career as an independent illustrator.  This was her true obsession since she was in college.  She works 24-7 and loves it.  Her first published book gig, The Tilting House written by Tom Llewelyn, she illustrated at the age of 23.  She will not rest until a shark eats her or she is abducted by aliens. Today Sarah is Designer and CoFounder of Cotton+Steel Fabrics with four other lovely ladies and the epic team at RJR Fabrics.